Saturday, August 6, 2011

About This Blog

Since I began a low fat vegan diet about four months, I have been commenting on how following this regimen has helped me begin to address my food addiction issues.

On July 25th, 2011, I became an active member of Overeaters Anonymous, compiled a food plan around Neal Barnard's 21 Day low fat vegan lifestyle and began my first day of food abstinence. As an alcoholic and addict of other drugs, one of the easy things to do concerning remaining clean is defining abstinence.  With food, this is one of the most difficult facets of "sobriety."

 In future blogs, I will be explaining how exactly I define food abstinence following a low fat vegan plan within the context of being an OA member. I found there is very little on the web on veganism and food addiction so, in that sense, this blog may be unique. Although there is no "cure" for addiction, low fat vegan eating, along with twelve step work and group support, may be "just what the doctor ordered."  As someone who has been fat all her life and was once well over three hundred pounds, if this works for me, it should work for anyone.

Looking forward to blogging on a regular basis and to those who feel this information is helpful (or for that matter if you think  this is nonsense) please spread the word.

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