Saturday, August 6, 2011

Forks Over Knives and My Food Addiction

My name is Nicole and I am a compulsive eater...
     As a food addict, I had tried all sorts of fixes to try to reign in my issues around food. I am also addicted to almost everything else, including alcohol and other drugs, from which I have remained abstinent for four and a half years. Still, I continued to use food. Finally, after research for an Honors speech in my City College Speech 1A class, I realized that a low-fat vegan diet is the way to go. In April,  I began following the Neal Barnard 21 day plan and many of my food cravings began to diminish. Although the plan promises weight loss and an end to the slavery of food tracking and counting calories, I did not lose that much weight. (At one time obese, I have been trying to take off the last twenty pounds or so for years) I realized, that as an addict, I was taking the advice to "eat as much as you want" to an extreme.

     Thirteen days ago, I began attending regular Monday meetings of Overeaters Anonymous, I announced my food plan: following the Barnard plan but also refraining from overeating and and compulsive eating. The only real restriction on portions were around starches such as bread and pasta (whole wheat, of course!) The first week I lost three pounds, more than I actually want. The second week I also lost weight although I don't know how much as I do not weight myself more than once a week. (I can tell that I lost weight by the way my clothes fit.) As that Denver Post article mentioned this is a very simple way to address our nations obesity problem, and by extension, our health care costs.

h nicole anderson
San Lorenzo, California

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